The Building of the Empire:

The Aztec Empire was founded in 1325 A.D. The Aztecs were a Semi- nomadic hunters and warriors. They created a huge Empire by making alliances with neighboring city-states. By 1500 A.D. the Aztec empire stretched from North Central Mexico, to the border of Guatemala, from the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The conquered areas had to pay heavy tribute to the society in the form of food, clothing, raw materials, and prisoners of war.

There empire was turned into a Market place held for trading goods from colony to colony. The main food supply was Beans, Corn, and Fish. They built canals, bridges, and case ways connecting the mainlands with the capital city.

This is a map showing the boundaries of the Aztec Empire. The Darker green color is all the land that the ruled over.

Government and Society:

The Aztec Empire was organized as a hierarchy. They had two levels of authority. Each level had more power than the one underneath it.


This is a picture of a Aztec Pyramid. In the Pyramids the Emperor would live until he died and would be buried there in a tomb that was hidden from grave diggers. The Emperors were buried with jewels, jewelry, food and many other things that were supposed to travel with them into the after life.

Social Order:

-Emperor: His power came from his control over the army and by reinforcing religious beliefs.
-Nobility: Highest part of the social order other than Emperors. Were aloud to own land.
-Commoners: included priests, merchants, artisans, and farmers. Were aloud to own land.
-Serfs: were farm workers tied to nobel lands.
-Slaves: Lowest class included criminals and debtors, as well as female and children prisoners of war

*Land could only be owned by Nobel families and commoners.

This shows the social class in a pyramid similar to the one the Aztecs had. The only differences with the pyramid is the Monarch would be the Emperor.